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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Education tomorrow

I have always thought the education system is messed up. It took me my first jolting work experience to figure out how much.

After sixth grade, we were divided into different sections based on 3rd language preference.11th grade minor life-changing decisions were based on love of science vs commerce.College decisions were based on how well you have scored in screening exams.These were easy enough.It was as though childhood was a caress on the cheek that lulled you in a cradle of love and warmth and work-life a tight slap on that rested cheek that stuns you enough to make you realize that it was a false sense of security that you could have done without.

Dividing classes should be based on, if you are a good people-person or if you are a slogger.So that is the basic make up to determine if you will go into management or you are a techie.
IQ should be tested each year and coaching to be provided based on it.Internship in the last yr of college would ease each of us into practical reality as butter sticks slid into a hot wok.

Main Subjects :

Troubleshooting everyday situations
how to balance your work and life
how to please your boss
practical - emotional quotient course