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Sunday, January 20, 2008


Technology has changed so much around us.I kinda feel nostalgic about the good old times when people would make eye contact during a conversation .The sound around us of people talking instead of the monster machine-the laptop.Yes, I call it that 'cos it has invaded all our lives in a big way and from my point of view insidiously.

Even a few yrs back you would find kids bouncing on adults' laps happily gibbering away.But now laptops have taken the place of kids and the only sound emanating from the lap-area is the silent click of jumbled keys.

Software updates,hacks,idle browsing...there is no end in sight and no respite from the man-made monster.Conversation if made is centered around latest software releases or the hottest gadget in town and idle chat is not possible anymore.

You would think a simple romantic dinner might take you away from the laptop but who said life was ever simple.There are many other invasive gadgets to take their place.Laptop to find the right restaurant,Mobile/laptop for making reservations,GPS to get you there,I-Pod to keep you company and if you are the passenger a small game on PSP and when across the table you search those eyes to speak of how committed you are to each other and find they have wandered under the table looking at a mobile or a PSP longingly or engaging in some such activity. This is definitely the era of restless hands syndrome and requires some treatment and quickly or you will have failed relations to show for it.